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The Story of Hexona can only begin with the vision of its founder, Hamza Baig. As a thought leader and pioneer in the automation space, Hamza found a natural ability in crafting workflows for local businesses around him. Word got out and now his automation empire spans 6 continents with over 30,000 followers across Social Media.

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Our Story

Hexona sprang from the vision of Hamza Baig, who sought to revolutionize business operations with technology. The company soon recognized the expanding demand for versatile software solutions and pivoted to become a prominent software wholesaler and provider. This strategic shift marked the beginning of Hexona's journey from a local startup in Toronto to a beacon of innovation with a global footprint.

The company's rapid ascent to global recognition was significantly fueled by social media virality, demonstrating the power of digital connectivity to propel businesses forward. Today, Hexona embodies the spirit of innovation and adaptability, connecting a worldwide clientele with state-of-the-art software solutions.



Under Hamza Baig's visionary leadership, Hexona thrives at the intersection of technology, software development, and sales. His comprehensive expertise has been crucial in shaping Hexona into a leader in the software industry, adept at both innovation and market engagement. With an eye on global expansion, Hamza has crafted a team of domain specialists dedicated to propelling Hexona forward, emphasizing both growth and international outreach.

The team at Hexona, handpicked for their expertise, works synergistically to broaden the company's horizons, focusing on expanding its global presence and team. This strategic emphasis on specialized knowledge and leadership ensures Hexona's continued success and its evolving role as a trailblazer in the software world, ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Experienced Leadership

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